Why Interstate Logos

Proven Record Of Success

Interstate Logos is the largest provider of contract logo signing and tourist-oriented directional signing (TODS) programs. We are proud of our previous success, but we bear it seriously and understand that the key to our continued success lies in our ability to treat each contract we undertake with the same care and enthusiasm as with the first program we implemented in 1988.

High Standards

The logo signing or TODS program remains a "Transportation Agency Program" with Interstate Logos required to adhere to pre-approved rules and regulations established by the State. Interstate Logos provides consistent adherence to the chapters of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) relative to Specific Service and Tourist-Oriented Directional Signs, as well as all State and local standards and specifications.

Complete "Turn-Key" Operations

Interstate Logos is responsible for all marketing, administration, construction, maintenance, operational needs, and general oversight of each logo signing and TODS program we manage. We maintain local offices and full-time staff within each state who work solely on our signing programs.

Cost Savings

In most of our signing programs, Interstate Logos is responsible for coordinating, completing, and all costs associated with sign construction, maintenance, and refurbishment with no funding from the Transportation Agency or tax payers. This allows existing state resources, both workforce and funding, to remain available for other projects and/or be redirected to more critical responsibilities.

Greater Participation

The local staff of Interstate Logos within each state we operate is devoted exclusively to our signing programs. Our pro-active approach to the administration, marketing, and operation of our signing programs leads to increased participation, providing more information about available essential services to the road user.


The fact that we work in more states with more Transportation Agencies than anyone else in the industry does not, by default, make us the "best". What makes us the "best" is our total commitment, and the total commitment of everyone on our team, to the success of the signing program with which we are involved and the continued satisfaction of the three (3) groups of customers we serve: the Transportation Agencies to whom we report, the participating businesses, and, ultimately, the motorists who rely on the information we provide to make their travel safer and more efficient.

Interstate Logos by the Numbers